Florida Man November 15

florida man november 15

There are 365 days a year. But actually, it has 365 ¼. Because of this reason, after every 4 years, it is called “Quadrennial”. Only Quadrennial has 366 days. Every day in the calendar earns different meanings to their own. Some days have extraordinary things like National day, women’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day, notable birthdays, customs day, and so other things. Even if it’s 366 days or 365 days, all days are special for something and someone. But the Following days are more special to some people. Because those days are their birthdays, let’s check what the special birthdays held on November 15 are.

  • German juggler; Francis Brunn was born in 1922 on November 15.
  • American actor and singer; Bob Gunton was born in 1945 on November 15.
  • American singer and bass player; Joe Puerta was born in 1951 on November 15.
  • American basketball player and sportscaster; Greg Anthony was born in 1967 on November 15.
  • Dominican American basketball player; Karl Anthony Towns was born in 1995 on November 15.

When you read my previous article, you are all aware that in Florida, they make a special day for them, “Florida man day”. This article is another chapter of a Florida man on November 15. Let’s dig into the details of their day.

Florida man November 15 – A man makes a snack at a Taco–Bell

This incident happened in 2019 and happened at taco bell in the “Boynton Beach Mall”. Police were searching for a person. They found that person from the Taco Bell video footage.

CBS Miami

From that video, police discovered that this person didn’t take money from Taco Bell. But they could not resist standing with “Pre- fried shells”. According to the police, they believed that person was guilty of 2 robberies recorded in the previous month.

Florida man November 15 – Wind Person

As mentioned before, Florida is the country that has the craziest people. One day a Florida man was driving a vehicle through the traffic. While checking on that Man’s vehicle, the police found a bag of cocaine in his car. Because of that, the police wanted a proper explanation for his wrongdoing. For that, he gave an exciting reason to prove that he is also a Florida man. He explains his wrongdoing: “I am not the wrong person to this cocaine bag, and it should be the police or else the wind is the person who need to arrest.” Even though this person was arrested and taken to the country jail in St. Lucie, his charge was “Possession of drug paraphernalia”.

That’s all for Florida man November 15. Let’s meet from another Florida man day.

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