“Albino Pleco” – If you doubt to raise an Albino Pleco, here are the details that prove the innocent of that fish

Albino pleco
Pleco is a fish known as Sucker-mouth Catfish and Common Pleco. Its scientific name is Hypostomus plecostomus.” But Aquarists called them “Plecostomus.” This fish belongs to the family of Armored Catfish (Loricariidae). The reason that named this fish as armored catfish is that it has longitudinal rows of armor. And also, the lower part of the body is bare soft skin. It is also a tropical fresh-water fish. These Pleco fish are sold when they are small. Usually, Pleco fish is purchased to clean the algae from the fish tanks. Not only that, it contributes lots of waste to the cycle of Nitrogen. These fish can grow a maximum size of 20 inches (50 cm). These Pleco fishes are semi-aggressive in nature. Pleco fish are called Pez Diablo (Devilfish), Algae eater/sucker, Sucker-mouth catfish, Municipal fish (Ikan Bandaraya – Malay), Janitor fish, Crocodile fish, and Sweeper fish. There are 10 Pleco realities in the world. Such as Zebra pleco, Clown pleco, Royal pleco, Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps, Butterfly pleco, Bristlenose catfish, Bushymouth catfish, Blue-eyed pleco, Hypancistrus inspector, and Leporacanthicus galaxias. In today’s article, we focused on the Albino Pleco. Let’s surface and find.

Albino Pleco is not a unique fish in the wild. It is the albino version of Bristlenose pleco/catfish and Bushymouth pleco/catfish. Because of that, they are called Albino Bristlenose pleco/catfish and Albino Bushymouth pleco/catfish. They are called “Albino Plecostomus” as well. No one knows the reason for that, and being an albino fish is a natural phenomenon in their world. But as per the scientist, there is a reason: the body of the pleco fish cannot produce the average amount of melanin. Being an albino pleco is not an easy task. They lack protection, and commonly, they are eaten by other fishes at a young age. But this albino pleco also can live like a regular pleco if its living place doesn’t have many predators.

Albino Bristlenose pleco is a very small catfish in the aquarium. They grow between 3 and 5 inches when becoming adults. This pleco fish has a broader head than the common pleco, and its body is covered with bony plates. And also, it has an armored covering like other pleco fish to protect from the predator. The most remarkable thing is they have fatter and flatter bodies than common pleco fish. They sprout numerous tentacles from the head. The color of the Albino pleco is different from common pleco fish. Albino pleco has nearly pinkish Red eyes and a pink and yellow marbled pattern. Because of that, any albino pleco can recognize easily. That is why all the aquarists want them, and they have high negotiated power for Albino Bristlenose pleco and Albino Bushymouth pleco.

When someone wants to buy an Albino pleco, they should buy a large and more extended tank with a minimum of 25 gallons and a maximum of 30 gallons. And pH value of the water should be between 5.8 and 7. Moreover, the water temperature should be 71 – 80 degrees F (22 – 27 degrees C). Their foods are small meaty foods and a combination of fresh vegetables. And also, they need to provide purely oxygenated water with moderate. Young Albino Bristlenose pleco is very sensitive to the pH value of the water than adult Albino Bristlenose pleco.

A tank with pet fish

When talking about the tank’s decoration, Albino Bristlenose pleco is spent their day resting in sheltered areas. Because of that, the tank should include a lot of hiding places to hide. That is an essential thing when looking after albino plecos. As well as there is another important thing. That is, you should consist of dense planting and driftwood to the tank. That will help Albino pleco to live its life happy.


Albino pleco

Finally, I want to say that we should look after them even if they are suffering from albino.

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