“Florida Man December 19” – Here are the 2 incidents you will be surprised by

Florida Man December 19

These days all the article readers in the world are seeking two words. Even most of my articles are also written on the same subject. Those two names are “Florida Man.” Florida is a country in America. In Florida, there are crazy people. They do crazy things, and sometimes they become famous on social media platforms. They did so many things, and because of that, they named those days “Florida Man” day. From today’s article, we talk about another crazy day, “Florida Man December 19”. Following are the few crazy incidents that happened on December 19.

“Florida Man December 19” – Python case

Florida Man December 19

Florida has an area called Orlando, and from there, a Florida man managed to shoot 150 pounds 18-foot python. This python was a Burmese python, and this species is one of the largest snake species in the world. The Burmese python is considered an invasive FWC species. It means “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.” According to the researchers, this kind of giant snake eats many small native species. They have no natural predators to control them, which leads to difficulties for the ecosystem of Florida. The name was that Florida man is “John Hammond.” He is a wildlife hunter. According to his statement, while he was trying to catch the python, he grabbed the python’s head because it was trying runaway. After that, John said he had dragged the python slowly and carried on onto the truck. And he said that a regular snake catching bag is too tiny for that put python, and he used to catch that python into the tent bag that he had in his truck. After doing this, the person becomes richer from $ 450. This incident is one that happened in Florida, and this is an incident for “Florida Man December 19”.

“Florida Man December 19” – Cheerleaders case

Florida Man December 19

One Monday morning in December in Florida has a cold and dark. There were two cheerleaders that wore glittery red cheerleading uniforms. They are from Galaxy Middle School in Deltona, Florida, and they are waiting for their parents. Those two girls are 13 years old. At around 09.00 A.M., one man approached them, and he exposed himself to the cheerleaders of the Galaxy Middle school. According to the cheerleaders, they were handing candy canes for holidays. At that time, he drove up towards them with his window down from the passenger side.

Further girls told that they thought that he wanted a candy cane, but after they realized he was up to they immediately notified staff o the Galaxy Middle school. According to their statement, after that, he drove away. He was arrested by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. After that, police took him to custody at his home. The name of that person is Steven Lopez Cortina, and he is in his 22 years. This is also another incident for “Florida Man December 19”.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. Let’s meet from another “Florida Man” incident.

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