16 types of cakes that you may like to know


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People have so many talents. According to the history books, the Greeks are the most inventors of the world. They did terrific inventing things in the past. As all know, “pyramid” is also one of their fabulous things. The cake is also one of the fantastic things that they gave us. And term “Cake” also have a long history. This word came of Viking origin, and the Old Norse word for the cake is “Kaka”. And the Greeks called it “Plakous”, and this Greek word has derived the word from “Flat”. They gave another name for cake as well. That name was “Satura”. First, they baked a cake using flour mixed with milk, nuts, eggs, and honey/sugar. These are baked inside a pastry case. After that, they invented different flavoured cakes like cheesecakes. They made those cakes by using goat’s milk. As time passed, the people of Spain invented sponge cake leavened with beaten eggs. This article discusses the sweet topic that your mouth will water. The subject of the article is “Cakes”. Let’s dig about it.

Professional cake bakers classify cakes based on mixing methods and ingredients. But other bakers, like home bakers, tend to classify caked based on the flavour of the cake even though cakes are classified as 2. Those 2 types of cakes are Conventional cake (shortened type cake) and Foam cake (un-shortened of cakes). But there were other lists that all could understand the cake’s name. Let’s check what those 16 cakes we can identify as humans are.

  1. Butter cake / Yellow butter cake
  2. Sponge cake
  3. Fruit cake
  4. Pound cake
  5. Biscuit cake
  6. Genoise cake
  7. Carrot cake
  8. Angel food cake
  9. Chiffon cake
  10. Red velvet cake
  11. Flourless cake
  12. Lady Baltimore cake
  13. Hummingbird cake
  14. Upside down cake
  15. Devil’s food cake
  16. Opera cake

Now let’s check the sweet things you can add to your knowledge about the cake.

01. Butter cake / Yellow butter cake.

Many cake lovers like to be cake lovers because of these butter cakes. Many birthdays, valentine’s, and celebration cakes are made based on butter cake. Some cake lovers call this cake “Butter cake”, and some are called “Yellow butter cake”. The reason for that is the colour of the cake. Usually, this kind of cake is made with creamy butter and sugar/honey. This cake is made as follows.

First, you should beat butter, sugar/honey and get creamy batter. After that, you should mix flour, baking powder / baking soda into a ball. And beat white yolks first and beat excess egg yolks in different balls. You can get a creamy batter from this, and you should add other ingredients little by little and mix clockwise. Then bake it in the oven. For more information, egg yolk will colour this butter cake based on its ingredients. When you add yellow yolks, you can get Yellow butter cake.

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02. Sponge cake

This cake is moist and chewy in the cake, and also, this cake doesn’t contain any baking powder or baking soda in its ingredients. But this has a lot of whipped eggs as well as lots of egg whites. That is the reason for the taste of the cake.

03. Fruit cake

This cake is also made, as we explain in butter cake. For this cake, usually, bakers add nuts, dried or candied fruit, and spices. Bakers add those items and bake the cake. After the bakers baked the cake, that cake wanted to wrap and soaked in rum or brandy. After that, you can get fruit cake to serve as your dessert.

04. Pound cake

This cake is also more like a butter cake. Because as per the bakers, proportions of the Pound cake are same as Butter cake. The pound cake recipe is like this. You should separate eggs and egg whites whipped. After that, it should fold into the batter. Then after you should do the exact way that butter cake is made. But when talking about baking, these kinds of cakes are usually baked in a bandit pan or loaf. As per the professional bakers, this cake is very lightly flavoured. And it is served topped or plain with water icing / simple glaze. Variations of pound cakes are sour cream cakes, coffee cakes, and fruit crumb cakes.

05. Biscuit cake

As per the bakers, these cakes are another type of sponge cake. They use egg yolks and egg whites, beat them separately, and mix. It will create a light batter for the cake. Suppose this batter is baked with a piped-shaped pan or tube pan; it is more like an Angel food cake. However, this cake is different from the sponge cake.

06. Genoise cake

This cake is also like sponge cake. “Genoise” is the name for sponge cake in France and Italy. For this, bakers use the round pan for baking the cake. For this, they use a whole egg to beat. And after, add sugar a little bit until they become thick and ribbony and add flour. Then you can bake the cake batter after putting it in the cake pan. Usually, Genoise cake layers are used to moisturise with a flavoured syrup.

07. Carrot cake

As per the name of this main cake ingredient of this cake is carrot. If you want to make a carrot cake first, you should grade the carrot firstly. This cake mainly uses neutral oil like canola oil or vegetable oil. This cake didn’t expire like other cakes, which was the main reason for a more extended period. For your information, grated carrot adds extra moisture to this cake. Making process of the cake is the same.

08. Angel food cake

This cake is made in different ways. For this cake, the bakers only used egg whites. First, they beat egg whites alone with sugar until it’s become firm. The batter of this cake is baked in the traditional and special angel food cake pan. This cake is a chewy and spongy texture because this cake has a lot of sugar. The bakers didn’t use butter for this cake. Because of that, this cake is called a fat-free cake in the cake classification.

09. Chiffon cake

This cake is contained whipped egg whites, baking soda or baking powder, vegetable oil, and flour. According to bakers, Chiffon cakes are a cross between oil cake and sponge cake. A salesman from America invented this cake. After that, he sold that Chiffon cake recipe to “General Mills”. This cake wants soft batter to become soft cake. These kinds of cakes are baked in tube pans like Angel food cakes.

10. Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake originated in the 1920s, one of the chefs who worked in Waldorf, Austria. This cake is mostly like butter cake. The only difference is the ingredient that we used to make the cake. The difference is they use oil instead of butter. And also, to take the red colour, bakers use cocoa powder as well. The reaction makes this red velvet flavour of raw cocoa powder and buttermilk. But sometimes, bakers add red velvet food colouring to the cake to get the colour. They used dye when they wanted to make raspberry velvet cakes.

11. Flourless cake

This cake is divided into two patties. The first one is baked flourless cake, and the other is unbaked. Some baked flourless cakes are chocolate torte and cheesecakes. Some unbaked flourless cakes are No-baked cheesecakes and mousses. Bakers used to bake this kind of cake using “Spring-form pans”. They bake cakes in the water bath to get the silky texture to the cake.

12. Lady Baltimore cake

First, they originally made this cake in the southern part of the United States of America. The ingredients and process of the cake making are the same; additionally, this cake is filled with layered fruits and nuts. This cake is a fluffy white cake of the classification.

13. Hummingbird cake

According to professional bakers, the origin of this cake is Jamaica in the 1960s. First, all called this cake “Doctor Bird cake”.

This cake contains pineapple, bananas, warm spices, and pecans; not only that, this cake has topped with a cream cheese frosting.

14. Upside down cake

This one is the classic version of the Butter cake, made from pineapple. That ingredient is the traditional one. But sometimes bakers use many fruits such as peaches, plums, pears, or blueberries in this batter. Same as the process of all cakes.

15. Devil’s food cake

The main ingredient of this cake is cocoa powder. For this, bakers use more baking soda or baking powder to get more air bubbles. This thing made this cake a “devilish” output.

16. Opera cake

The main thing about this cake is the coffee. As per the bakers, they take a thin layer of cake and soak coffee. After that, they get these thin layers of coffee-soaked almond cake sandwiched and put buttercream or Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache to that. Still origin of this cake is not identified.

Above are the 16 classified cakes you don’t know when you live in this world. Read and get knowledge about this topic. Let’s meet on another sweet issue.

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