Let’s dig about the details for the Legendary and Mysterious Creature “Jian Bird”

Jian bird

Our world is filled with lots of mysterious things. Sometimes people cannot understand how the world controls nature and how they control people. Because of this reason, the world-famous Lord Buddha said that “Don’t think too much about the world/galaxy and don’t think less as well”. But when we talk about history, ancient people created so many mysterious and unexpected stories to give their heritage to us. They make some mythical things to memorize special things in mind. Sometimes they use animals, places, and birds as well. Some legendary birds are the Articuno, the Zapdos, the Moltres, the Alkonost, the phoenix, the caladrius, the sirin, the roc and the Jian bird. Today we are going to give details about “Jian Bird”. Let’s surf it.

According to the records of history, the Jian bird is the oldest mythical and legendary living being. This is used to be a meaning of love and commitment between married people. As mentioned before, these birds are called symbols, and they were created to represent or explain some concepts for the future generation. Sometimes, they wanted to illustrate a lesson to the people from this kind of thing. And they used this kind of bird to continue their traditions and stories. According to the Chinese history books, the Jian bird is a bird that has only an eye and a wing. Usually, every bird has wings and two eyes. This bird has one eye and one wing. This mythical bird cannot fly on its own because sight and wings are very limited in the mythical Jian bird. From that, they wanted to express that Jian birds cannot fly on their own and it can fly when they become two. If they divide it into two, they cannot survive, and if Jian birds live as one, they can get deep vision and fly as well. That is why this symbol is called as “Symbol of love”.

Jian bird

As to the history, this bird was born in China and is in the Chinese text. And that Jian bird text was over 200 years old. But still, no one cannot find the exact birthplace of the Jian bird. This symbol has another meaning too. Those are teamwork, companionship, and dependence as well. As discussed above, Jian should live with another half, or else they could not survive in the world. According to history, 2 Jian birds are called “Jian-Jian” (Birds that fly together). This bird can be the world’s oldest mythical bird. The meaning of the Jian in the Chinese language is “Love Birds”.

When we talk about the features of the Jian bird, as mentioned before, this kind of bird has one eye and one wing. They look like a crane. And that crane can be about 150cm (5 feet) from feet to beak.

Every married people should respect each other. No matter what happens, they should communicate and discuss and trust each other. Two people cannot become a person, but two people can become an exact page with each other. They have different attitudes and attributes. If they don’t communicate properly, they can’t survive in the long run in their lie. Jian birds are similar to this. Their minds also don’t become one. They also cannot survive when they want to go on different paths on their own. If they’re going to fly, they should talk to each other and fly; if birds do not do that, they don’t have the proper vision to fly.

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This “concept of soul mates” is suitable for all married couples. When people become a married couple, they should respect each other. There is no follower or leader in the married life in that life. The couple should live like a Jian bird, and from that, they become a perfect couple in society.

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