florida man january 26

florida man january 26

Every man in the country has their freedom. Sometimes they overuse their liberty as a citizen. They are doing crazy things such as violating country rules and doing so many things even though there are people who live according to the law. Because of that, there is so much news on the channels on television. Sometimes they made their day a special day. Even that day is not good for others, and they made that day their day. In the world, one country has so many crazy things. And also they make all days theirs. The name of that country is “Florida.” Florida is a country located in the United States of America. People in that country as the same mentality as mentioned before. They do so many senseless things. Because of that, those people named their days “Florida Man Days.” As in other chapters in Florida man articles, this one also is about another “Florida man Day.” The name is “Florida man January 26”. Let’s know about this Florida man’s day.

Florida Man January 26 – Taco Bell Florida man

florida man january 26

As mentioned before, Florida has the coolest and craziest people. One day a Florida man had been magnet fishing in Ocklawaha. As per his records, he found a hand grenade when he is doing his job. After he discovered that grenade, he put that into his trunk. Later he went to get his meal at Taco Bell. When normal people find a hand grenade, they try to contact the police and do the necessary things to get rid of that. But this person did a completely different thing. Isn’t that a crazy thing?

After he went to Taco Bell, he called the emergency unit, which means “911,” and he explained the situation and how that happened. Once he called 911, they sent the bomb squad to where that man was. That Taco Bell is situated in Ocala. Later on, the bomb squad did the necessary thing to that hand grenade. According to the news, everyone in the Taco Bell restaurant was shocked about what this crazy man did. The restaurant; Taco Bell opened 2 hours later after this incident happened. This one is one incident that occurred on January 26th.

Florida Man January 26 – Stole money for Florida man’s girlfriend.

florida man january 26

Sometimes lovers are doing crazy things to prove their love to their partner. One man in Florida also did the same thing, but that incident is crazy. The name of that person is Tiernan Amato. He is 29 years old man. His family home is situated in Chuluota. His parents are Chad Amato (59 years old) and Margaret Ann Amato (61 years old). He has a brother, and his name is Cody Amato. His age is 29.

According to the police of Florida, that man being love with a porn site girl. She is a Bulgarian girl. He met his girl from the porn site. After he met his girlfriend, he wanted to give money to his girlfriend. Based on their records, he sent more than $ 200000. For that, he murdered his old parents and young brother. Because of this incident, he is charged and held without bail at the country prison in Seminole.

As mentioned before, there are so many special things. From those special days following are the most special and famous birthdays held on 26th January.

  • German priest and martyr; August Froehlich was born on 26th January 1891.
  • Italian-American mob boss; Frank Costello was born on 26th January 1891.
  • German composer and conductor; Norbert Schultze was born on 26th January 1911.
  • Italian footballer; Valentino Mazzola was born on 26th January 1919.
  • American football player and sportscaster; Ben Pucci was born on 26th January 1925.
  • Sierra Leonean soldier and politician, 2nd President of Sierra Leone, Joseph Saidu Momoh, was born on 26th January 1937.
  • English chemist and academic; Les Ebdon was born on 26th January 1947.
  • Indian actor and singer; Ravi Teja was born on 26th January 1968.
  • Chinese pianist; Wu Qian was born on 26th January 1984.

This point is the end of another chapter of “Florida man” and “Florida man January 26”. Next, meet from another article.

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