Florida man january 11

Florida man January 11

Every day is a beautiful day for everyone. But it depends on the mood of every person. Not only that, it can be changed what they have faced on their entire day. It can be a bad day for someone, and for someone, it can be an excellent day. It depends on person-person and their perception to perception. But in one country, every day is a surprise day for the people of that country. Florida is the name of that country. The people of Florida do so many mysterious and crazy things. They called those days “Florida man” day. Even I wrote more than 3 articles about Florida men. Today’s article is about “Florida man 11th January”. Let’s check what extraordinary things are happening on that day in Florida.

Florida man 11th January” – Birthday Celebration

There are so many birthdays on 11th January.

The famous Mexican director and actor; Alfonso Arau was born on 11th January, 1932. Kavin Koe was also born on 11th January 1975, and he is a Canadian curler. Vallo Allingu is an Estonian Basketball player’s birthday is on 11th January 1978. English songwriter, English song singer, and guitarist; Newton Faulkner’s birthday was on 11th January 1985. Rachel Riley, an English television host, was born in 1986 on 11th January. Those are the famous birthdays on 11th January. And in Florida, man also celebrates a birthday most crazily. The name of the Florida man in this incident is Melvin Stubbs. He is at the age of 37. One day he wanted to celebrate his birthday. But he did that most crazily.

Florida man January 11

It was a Thursday night. The name of the Florida man is Melvin Stubbs. He was in his 37 years. That day he was driving his car, and suddenly his car was stopped by the police. The reason is his vehicle has an illegally tinted window. Even though the night is very dark, police can identify what is the wrongdoing in Stubbs’s car. While one officer was checking the problem, other officers discovered something wrong with that person. Because of that, Stubbs tried to escape from the police. From that time, police thought it should be illegal work, and he violated the rules of that area. According to the statements of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, they found 4 bags of Cocaine inside of pocket his jacket. The total weight of that 4 Cocaine bags are 41.1g. After catching Melvin Stubbs, police discovered that Stubbs had a “Warrant-out for violating probation for stopping Cocaine sales.” While police took him into custody, he damaged the seat of the Sherriff’s Office patrol car. According to the police staff, it has cost $ 1000. Because of that, he was charged for property damage, and also he was arrested for a previous violation; “Violating the freedom of Melvin by selling cocaine.”

That was all about Florida man 11th January. Let’s meet on another chapter of the Florida man.

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