Florida man april 17

florida man april 17

Men are different from one person to another. People are different because of their religions, gender, country, and ethnicity. These days, they grab the attention of the country called Florida because they are doing such crazy things. Even article writers were trying to find more details and wrote so many articles on that topic. Florida men are that much famous because of their craziness. Day by day, they are doing so many crazy things. That was the reason they named it as by the date of the crazy incidents. They don’t name that incident by “Florida man”. That was the most incredible thing in the Florida Man series. This is also another series of “Florida Man”. Today’s article talks about “Florida man April 17”.

Florida man April 17 – Concrete man

florida man april 17
florida man april 17 Photo of the incident (2)

This incident happened on April 17. The main person in this incident is Jordan Mazurek. He is a 28-year-old man. According to the details, he is a Co-creator of the “Campaign against Toxic Prison and a Texas sociologist. As per his statement, he said that he locked his arms by himself and filled PVC pipes with concrete. After that, he placed those PVC pipes into 55-gallon bottles. He wrote, “STOP THE MASSACRE” on the gallons. According to “Tallahassee” police, Jordan was spotted at around 6.00 morning and freed from concrete at around 10.30 in the same morning. This man named Jordan is doing this because of one reason. He wanted to say how prisons behave in the Coronavirus conditions. He protests outside the Mansion of the Governor. He protested, but he also wore a mask and gave proper advice to society.

florida man april 17
floriorida man april 17 Photo of the incident (3)

Because of this protest that is becoming traffic, police charged Mazurek for restricting access and found for blocking the road. As per the police statement, he refused to move out from the protest area quickly; police had to use heavy equipment to get him out from the protest place. The name of the spokesman of the police is Kevin Bradshaw.

This is all about the Florida man on April 17. Let’s meet from another Florida man chapter.

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