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ancient burial ground egypt

As mentioned in previous articles, the world is a beautiful place to live. There are Continents in the world: Asia, Africa, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. There is a beautiful and historical country between the Asian and African continents. The name of that country is “Egypt”. The official name of Egypt is the “Arab Republic of Egypt”. As mentioned before, it is situated in the southwest corner of Asia and the northeast corner of Africa. And this country is a Mediterranean country bounded by the Gaza Strip. This country has the longest history of other countries.

The history of Egypt can go back to the Nile Delta, which means that 6th to 4th BCE. According to ancient history, they are the ones who recognized the developments of agriculture, writing, organized religion, urbanization and central government as the future. They have a rich and long cultural heritage, and still, some of the things in that country cannot understand. And also, there are so much thin to discover in Egypt, which is still mysterious. Many scientists and archaeologists like to do further research about Egypt. The main reason for that is they have s famous legacy. Their modern Egypt era is started in the 1922’s. The original religion of Egypt was Islam, and the official language is “Arabic.” One of the important things in Egypt is an ancient burial ground. Today’s article talks about “Ancient burial ground Egypt”.

Ancient burial ground Egypt – History

As mentioned before, Egypt has a great history. According to history, they had a series of earthquakes and gradually fell into the sea as a result of that city. Till 1000 years ago, it was completely situated underwater. Heracleion made the ancient city of Egypt to its Greek inhabitants and Thonis to its Egyptian inhabitants. Because of that, all the archaeologists called that is “Thonis-Heracleion”. In 1999 – 2000, archaeologists rediscovered this incident with the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology and the antiquities ministry. After the Greeks arrival to this ancient city, it was increased and attached with the cultural traditions of the Greeks.

Ancient burial ground Egypt – Pyramids

The Pyramid of Djoser
The Pyramid of Djoser

Egypt is famous for its pyramids. And once this has become one of the Wonders of the world. It is a structure that has a triangular shape. According to the records, “The Pyramid of Djoser” is the oldest pyramid built in Egypt. Pharaohs built this pyramid around 2630 B.C. The reason is to build this kind of pyramid is “To facilitate a successful afterlife for the “King Djoser” to get eternally reborn. But, the largest and the oldest pyramid reported in history is “The Great Pyramid Giza”. And the height of that pyramid is 481 ft (146.6m). As mentioned before, these pyramids were built for religious purposes. As per the history books there, Egyptian is one of the first civilizations that believed in the afterlife. Because of that, they buried dead bodies in there and wished for the eternal life of the dead person. Those dead people are called “Mummy”.

Ancient burial ground Egypt – Mummy

ancient burial ground egypt

Meaning of the mummy is “A body of a human and animal that has been ritualistically conserved by removal of the internal organs, treatment with natural resin and natron, and wrapping in a quality bandage”. According to the archaeologists, techniques of the ancient burial ground Egypt – mummification were used earlier 1000 years from now. A mummy was discovered, and it’s believed that it belongs to a high ranking nobleman called “Khuwy”. According to the analysis, this mummy was buried around 4000 years ago. He was dug up at the cemetery in 2019. Even though they were identified, this mummy is the first mummy in Egypt. Their high-quality clothes are the one thing that can identify their level in Egyptian society. Even now, Egypt’s mummifications techniques are curious things in the world. The mummy “Khuwy” skin was conserved using expensive resins made from the tree juice. The body of that mummy was soaked with resins and bound with high-quality linen dressings.

Ancient burial ground Egypt – Process and Coffin


After the death of the Pharaohs that lived in Egypt, usually buried in elaborate tombs and mummified. It means that only the noble ad high society people are the ones who can become a mummy. The main reason for that is that the mummification process is quite expensive and cannot bear to normal people in Egypt. But, some animals were also mummified because of their religious purpose. Such as cats, Baboons, crocodiles and birds.

When talking about the process of mummification, it took 70 days. It is a big process, and first, they appointed a special priest for that process. Then they remove all internal parts such as the brain, heart, stomach, liver, lungs and canopic jars. And then, they removed all moisture from the body by covering it with natron. After that, they began to wrap the body. They need 100 yards of linen for the wrapping.

This is the little information about the ancient burial ground in Egypt. I hope you will like it.

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