“Florida Man December 25” – Here are the 3 incidents you will be surprised by

florida man december 25

The world is a beautiful place for a living being. Not only that, this is the only good place for humans as well. On Earth, there are 7 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, and Australia. These continents have many counties, and some people don’t become aware of some counties there even though all people in the world are known for the country called “Florida”.

Florida is a country located in the famous USA, and this country is the flattest estate in there. The country is situated in the “Atlantic ocean”, “Bahamas” on the east side, in the Gulf of Mexico – on the west side, to the south by Cuba, to the north by Georgia, and northwest by Alabama.

florida man december 25

According to Google, Florida have a hundred miles of beaches in the country. This country is famous and famous places are its theme park, orange orchards, beaches (as mentioned before), and natural sceneries. The most important place is the “Walt Disney World.” Another famous thing is there are two words named “Florida Man.” Today article is more in to know what it means by that and check about “Florida Man December 25”. Here are the details.

“Florida Man” is two words, but those two words get the internet, and it becomes an internet meme. It was popularized in the year 2013. These two words – “Florida Man”, are taken from different unrelated news articles concerning people in Florida. These “Florida man” news express unusual and strange events in Florida. Because of these, all internet users submit those kinds of news by mentioning the name “Florida Man” on the news headline. Let’s check “Florida Man December 25” incidents that had appeared on the internet.

“Florida Man December 25” – Incident No. 01

Here is a story about “Florida Man December 25”. All people know that December 25 is a very special day for the catholic people. It is because of the Christmas. Catholic people like to celebrate this day in a colourful way. Some are organizing parties, and some are going to churches to pray. One of the men in Florida also celebrates Christmas like above. His name is Richard Squrrier. He is a 67 years old man in St. Petersburg. Suddenly he got arrested by the police. The reason is he had 45g of “Marijuana” on his hand. As per the police records, this incident happened at 11.00 P.M. on Saturday. After he was arrested, he said, “I was doing it as a giveaway for Christmas”. It is funny, and while he was arrested, they found a sword with him. But that is not a funny thing.

“Florida Man December 25” – Incident No. 02

Here is some other story about “Florida Man December 25”. On December 25, the “Cape Coral” festival is celebrated in Florida. One Florida man goes to that festival and yells at the families on that day. He said that “All the parents are lying to their children. Don’t lie to them. Santa Clause is not real.” After that, all the parents were worried about that incident and called the nearest police and told about that incident. After that, police came into the place, but the police were reluctant to arrest him. They said they could not arrest him because he did not violate any rule, and he used his First Amendment “Right to free speech”. As per the records, no one touched him, and he didn’t get arrested.

“Florida Man December 25” – Incident No. 03

Following is another story about “Florida Man December 25”. This incident has happened in one of the McDonalds in Florida. The main person is Anthony Andrew Gallagher, and he is 23 years old man. He is from St. Lucie, Florida. On December 25, he went to McDonald’s and ordered his favorites. He went through the drive-thru and tried to pay with a bag of Marijuana. But that payment was denied by the fast-food workers in the McDonald’s Drive-thru, and they called the police. But he escaped from the area.

Every day is a Florida person-day. Enjoy the information about this day.

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