“Florida Man November 17” – Here are the 3 Incidents that you will be surprised by

Florida Man November 17

The world is a beautiful place to live. Not only that, this is the only favorable place for human beings. There are 7 continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. These continents have a lot of counties, and some people don’t even know about some counties. Even though all of the people in the world are aware of the country named “Florida.” Florida is a country that is in the United States of America. And this is the flattest estate in the country. This country is located in the Gulf of Mexico – on the west side, Atlantic ocean, and the Bahamas on the east side. And to the north by Georgia, northwest by Alabama, and to the south by Cuba. According to Google Maps, they have a hundred miles of beaches. This country is famous for its theme park, beaches (as mentioned before), orange orchards, and natural sceneries. The most important thing is the “Walt Disney World.”

Another thing is the two worlds – “Florida Man.” From today’s article, we more in to know what it means by that and check about “Florida Man November 17”. Here we go.

“Florida Man” is known as an internet meme. It was popularized in the year 2013. These two words are taken from different unrelated news articles concerning people in Florida. These “Florida man” news express very unusual and strange events in Florida. Because of these, all internet users submit those kinds of news by mentioning the name “Florida Man” on the news headline. Let’s check “Florida Man November 17” incidents that had appeared on the internet.

“Florida Man November 17” – Incident No. 01

Willie Lee Jordan Jr - Florida Man

On November 17, 2017, Willie Lee Jordan Jr. went to a party with 2 children. One was 3 months old, and one was 3 years old. And Willie Lee Jordan Jr. is 23 years old. He kept children inside the car, and he went to the strip club. While he was inside the club, one customer heard the noise of the crying of the children. After that, staff and that customer help them to escape from the car. As per the police records, they found the baby upside down in the car. As per the one person’s statement, he was inside for at least 30 minutes. But in Willie’s statement, he was only inside the club for a few minutes. And Willie was arrested by the police and charged with two counts of child neglect.

“Florida Man November 17” – Incident No. 02

Doctor Ramon Vazquez - Florida Man

A doctor in Florida has to do surgery on a woman. In operation, that doctor removed that healthy patient’s kidney. The reason is the doctor believed that a vital organ is a cancerous tumor. This surgery was conducted by Doctor Ramon Vazquez. As for the details, there were 2 other doctors as well. The name of the patient is Maureen Pacheco. Maureen has sued all three doctors. Attorney of Maureen said that his client didn’t get a say in the removal. After time passed, this was settled in September. This incident happened on November 17, 2018.

“Florida Man November 17” – Incident No. 03

Florida Man November 17, 2020

As mentioned before, all the Florida man news is wired. This incident happened on November 17, 2020. In Miami shores in Florida, there were a couple. As per the police, the boy is 23years old. This boy’s name has not been released. According to the eyewitnesses, suddenly the boy was hit his girlfriend. It is domestic violence, and most of the witnesses called 911 and reported it to the police. Because of the police of the Miami has come and try to talk to the boy who hit. And also, they found there were many injuries on his girlfriend’s face. As per the police officer’s statement, he ran while they tried to talk with the boy. After that, he was hit by a train. After that, police conducted an investigation into this case.

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