Olivia Korenberg: About Seann William Scott Wife

Olivia Korenberg

Every person has different moods in their life. It is changed based on the different incidents that they faced. Sometimes, some people watch TV series, films, and web cartoons to swing their feelings and mood. People like to watch romantic, comedy, adventure and horror movies. In today’s article, we are like to talk about comedy movies. The name of the comedy movie is “American Pie“. This movie is a comedy movie, and the film’s leading actor is Seann William Scott. He is an American comedian as well as an American actor. His role in the “American Pie” series is Steve Stifler. Not only in American Pie, he also acts in films like Final Destination, Dude, where’s my car? And Road Trip in 2000, Evolution in 2001. As well as he is also giving his voice as “Crash” in ICE AGE animated film series. When talking about Scott’s details, he was born in Minnesota as the youngest of the 7 siblings in the William Frank Scott and Patricia Anne Simons. After graduating, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and start acting as his career. When he is into movie life, he is identified as a playing boy character. But in real life, Scott is happily married to his wife. His wife’s name is Olivia Korenberg. Today’s article is about this lady. Let’s dig into her details and learn more about her.

About Olivia Korenberg

Olivia Korenberg

Olivia Korenberg was born on 20th December 1987 in California, USA. Her full name is Olivia Martin Korenberg. As per her small details, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Olivia’s weight is approximately 62 kg (134Lbs), and her height is about 173 cm (5’7″). According to the Instagram account followers, Olivia also protected her Instagram account. As per the details, She graduated from the University of Southern California. In 2010, she got “Bachelor’s Degree in Language”. From this university, Olivia studied French. After that, Olivia moved to “Los Angeles” to get her Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles. She entered this program when she is in the age of 24.

After all, she started to explore her world in Interior design. According to her details, in 2009, Olivia stated her career at “Digs by Kartie”. She worked for almost a year in that company. Then she moved into another company called “Avenue Interior Design firm”. After that, she worked as a design assistant and project manager. Then, she started her own design firm and selected her business partner “Jenn Pablo”. In 2011, these two crazy friends started the “Twofold LA” company. This is a company that gave combined services in interior design and event planning. They did their best, but in August 2019, she left the company without any sign.

According to the news of Scott, he had several relationships. The first one is with January Jones, and she is an actress. Jamie King is the second one, and he is also an actress. The third one is Linsday Frimodt. She is a famous model for the “Victoria’s Secret” brand. According to the paparazzi, they started dating in 2011 and engaged in 2012. But unfortunately, they ended their relationship in 2013.

Let’s get to know about the relationship between Scott and Olivia. When talking about their relationship of Olivia, she said she thought she could not find a true life partner to the life. Like others in college, she also found a small number of friends to become friends. According to Olivia’s social media details, she finally found the love of his life. The name of that person is Seann William Scott. After they met, they built their relationship in a significant way. The couple kept their love life secretly and announced their marriage in 2019. Now they are happily married and enjoying their life as husband and wife.

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