05 Best Investment Companies In Turkey

investment companies in turkey

There are so many things in the Galaxy. The Milky Way is also one of the unique things in the Galaxy. The Milky-way is one of the most special things in our world. The reason is our planet is situated in the Milky Way. Our planet is called “Earth” and consists of continents and oceans. On this planet, there are 7 continents and 5 oceans. The continents are North America, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Antarctica. And names of the five oceans are the Arctic, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans. Sometimes some counties are situated middle of the two continents. Today, we are talking about that kind of country. The name of the country is “Turkey”. This article is about the country named “Turkey”; not the bird named “Turkey”. This country is situated in the middle of Europe and Asia. This country is located partly in Europe and partly in Asia. In today’s article, we will talk about “Investment companies in Turkey”. Let’s go and check what the details about today’s topic are.

First, we should know details about the country name “Turkey”. The official name of this country is “Republic of Turkiye” as mentioned before, this is located in a small part of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe (Southern) and mainly on Anatolian Peninsula in Asia (Western). Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Iran are located in the east, and Syria in the south. On the southeast side, there is Iraq. When talking about the oceans that share is the Black sea, it’s in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south, and the Aegean Sea in the west. The capital of Turkey is “Ankara”. Most people in the country are “Turks”, and a minority are “Kurds”. The financial center of this country is Istanbul. Not only that, it is the largest city as well.

Let’s get details about the topic. Any country is making investments. The meaning of “Investment” is instruments that all investors purchase to realize a significant return later. Investors in Turkey also like to invest in 5 investment opportunities. Following are those profitable and most reliable investment fields in Turkey.

Investment field – Number 01: Environment and Recycling

 Investment Companies In Turkey - Environment and Recycling

One of the main problems faced in the world is “Global warming”. Not only that, but environmental pollution is also another problem faced in the world. Most of the problems were born because of industrialization. These things become the main problems. Because of that, most people tend to invent many things to cue from these problems. Because of these problems, the recycling sector has become more exciting and important to investors seeking investment opportunities. According to the financial details of Turkey, they are still in negotiation to entry to the EU and trying to sign the “KYOTO Agreement”. As all are aware, this agreement is important to a country like Turkey. Even Turkey’s government is investing approximately 9 billion euros in this sector.

Investment field – Number 02: Construction and Real Estate

Investment Companies In Turkey - Construction and Real Estate

Any country is always into construction and real estate. It makes any county’s economy up. The main reason most people tend to invest in construction and real estate. Those reasons are city renovation projects and rapid population growth. So this field has become more profitable for the investors and very interesting for them. According to Turkey’s information, a lot of foreign investors apply for citizenship in Turkey. According to their investment summary, investors invest 250,000 US dollars in this field.

Investment field – Number 03: Information and Technology

Investment Companies In Turkey - Information and Technology

According to Turkey’s stats, most of Turkey’s investors are investing in this sector. This sector has great importance in researching and also developing technology. Usually, the county – of Turkey is a favorable location to invest in Biotechnology, Software development, Electronics, and Nano-technology. Turkey professors make Technology department in every university. That was the reason to make it easier to invest Technology field and enter the Turkish Information technology and Technology market.

Investment field – Number 04: Textile Industry


As all are aware, china is the country that has the majority of the textile industry. But in Turkey is textiles as well. They are also ready to export textiles to the market. They have demand from the Middle East and Europe for their textiles. Even though Turkey’s textile sector has a lot of advantages, those are meeting special requirements, the quality being presented, flexibility, and the richness of raw materials. Even though China leads the world’s textile market, Turkey’s textile market is also interesting and vibrant because of the above reasons.

Investment field – Number 05: Energy and Natural Resources

 Investment Companies In Turkey - Energy and Natural Resources

Most of the economic activities make a lot of investors come to any country. Energy and Natural Recourses are also very important sectors in Turkey. This country has a lot of energy sources. Investors like to invest in solar energy, hydroelectric power, Bio-energy, Natural gas, Geothermal, and Wind energy. From the above energy source, foreign investors tend to invest in Turkey to gain more profit. Not only that. Investing in energy and natural resources in Turkey gave incentives like Tax discounts, Interest Support, VAT Exception, Employer’s Share of Social Security Contributions, and Customs Exemption.

The above details are the sectors willing to become investors in Turkey. As for their information, finding a better investment company is difficult for investors. Even though I have listed the best 05 investment companies, the following are those 5 investment companies.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 01: IQ Option

This company is the best investment company platform in Turkey.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 02: Pocket Option

Investment Companies In Turkey - Pocket Option

This company is another best investment company with the best Binary options.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 03: XM

Investment Companies In Turkey - XM

This company is one of the best investment companies and Forex investment companies.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 04: Hot Forex

Investment Companies In Turkey - Hot Forex

This company is also another one of the best company for Forex investors.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 05: IC Markets

Investment Companies In Turkey - IC Markets

This company is a famous investment company, and this one is an award-winning international investment company.

Investment companies in Turkey – Number 06: MON Investment company

Investment Companies In Turkey - MON

This company was established in 2003. This company’s supporting partners are Turkey and Africa. The investment area of this investment company is tourism, technology, real estate, agriculture, and health.

From the above details, you can gain knowledge about Investment companies in Turkey, and if you are interested in investing in Turkey, you do not have to worry about it. You can get complete knowledge about investment in Turkey.

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