LEYAH AMORE HARRIS – Stillborn child who was famous

Leyah amore harris

The world is made on a particular date for the children. That date is the 1st of October. From that detail, we can say that all the people in the world have value children. Children are the most beautiful and adorable living beings in society. Even they are very playful, and parents always want to give them the best thing. When it comes to world-famous children, they are famous for many reasons. Names of favorite children are Shirley Temple (Richest Child), Lauren Lunde from South Korea (Most beautiful Child), Haileigh Vasquez from USA (Most beautiful Child), William Franklyn-Miller from Australia (Most beautiful Child), Iain Armitage (Child actor), Ellie Meffert from Kentuckiana (Cutest Baby) and Leyah Amore Harris from USA (Born dead child). Today’s article is about the child name “Leyah Amore Harris.” Let’s check why that child become famous.

Leyah Amore Harris is a stillborn girl who has famous because of her parents. If she were alive, she would be born on the 22nd of March, 2007. The Sun sign of Leyah is “Aries.” She is a Black American child, and she was born as a Sothern Baptist. The name of the Father of Leyah is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., and the mother is Tameka Tiny Cottle. Her death was reported as the born date of the 22nd of March, 2007. Couse of the death is reported as stillbirth.

As mentioned before, her father is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, and he is Rapper, Record executive, actor, record producer, and songwriter. He is known as “Tip” or “T.I.” Those names are his stage names as well. Clifford was born on the 25th of October 1980. He is the son of Violeta Morgan and Clifford Buddy Harris Sr. He was born in Atlanta. His father, Clifford Buddy Harris Sr., died because of the “Alzheimer” disease. Because of that, Leyah’s father was raised by his grandparents. He used to start rapping when he was in his 8 years. Harris used the name “Tip” as his stage name that has been used in his childhood nickname. Not only that but he is also known as “Rubber Band Man.” In 2001, “Tip” released his first album, and the name of the album was “I’m Serious.” As per the records, he relished 11 studio albums. And the 6th album of Clifford was qualified for the Gold, and the name of the album was “Paper Trail.” According to the sales records, this album made over 500000 copies in the first week that album was released. Some of the successful singles are “Live your life,” “Soldier,” “Big shit popping,” and “Never Scared.” Clifford Joseph Harris won 3 times in the “Grammy Awards.” And his Net worth of Clifford is $50 million.

When we talk about the mother, her name is Tameka Dianne Harris, and she was born on the 14th of July, 1975. Tameka was born in College Park in, Georgia. Her father’s name is Charles Speedy Pope, and her mother’s name is Dianne Cottle. For further information, the founders of “The Tams’ R&B group” were Tameka’s father, Charles Speedy Pope, and his brother. The brother’s name is Joseph Pope. The full name of Tameka is “Tameka Cottle Aka Tiny Harris.” Her height is the reason for making that name. The height of the “Tiny” is 4̎ 11̍. Her profession is recorded as an American songwriter and singer. She was also awarded the “Grammy Award.” In 2000, she and Kandi Burrus were awarded “The best R & B Song lyrics.” The awarded song was “No Scrubs.” In 2014, Tameka released her first solo. The name of the solo was “What the fuck you are gone do?” Not only that, she got credited as a songwriter of the hit song by Ed Sheeran – “Shape of you.”

In 2001, the parents of the Leyah made their relationship in public. But, according to their details, before announcing their relationship to the public, they had an “On-and-Off” romance for years. Clifford and Cottle dated and married on the 30th of July, 2010, in Miami Beach, Florida. They had 4 children and 3 stepchildren. Of their 4 children, the firstborn child is King Harris, born on the 25th of August, 2004. The second child is a daughter, and she is Leyah Amore Harris. She is the main character of this article. After the death of Leyah, they had a baby boy called Major Philant Harris, who was born on the 16th of May, 2008. And again, they had a daughter in 2016 March named “Heiress Diana Harris.” Even though they registered they have 4 children after the death of Leyah, it’s become 3 children and 3 stepchildren. Altogether, they have 6 children.

Leyah amore harris

As mentioned before, Clifford and Cottle became parents in 2004. He was a boy. After 3 years, the couple publicized that they were expecting another child. As per their doctors, that baby was a baby girl. And records said that this baby was the first daughter of Clifford and Cottle. But this incident becomes a sad incident for the couple. Leah’s mother said that when the womb became 6 months, they named his baby girl “Leyah Amore Harris.” And also told the sac that held the baby Leyah split into two parts. And they hadn’t combined it since baby girl growing inside her when she turned in to 16th week in her mother’s womb. According to the doctors’ statements, they warned the Cottle about this incident. But they said, “they were never expected to lose their first baby girl.” After she went to see the specialist, Leyah was gone from this world. Then, she gave dead birth to his first baby girl and brought the dead body to her room. The mother and stillborn daughter stayed a day. After the death of their first baby girl, Leyah’s family organized a wonderful funeral for her. Even though the funeral had less number of family members and other people, it was a charm and nicely done.

When Leyah Amore Harris was alive, her age was 15 years. According to her horoscope, many people predict the following attributes should have when she lives in this world.

  • Intelligence
  • Confident
  • Leadership
  • Short-tempered
  • Arrogant
  • Impatient

I hope you have some idea of who Leyah Amore Harris is and her parents. You can enjoy this and comment on this. See you guys in the next article.

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