“White Doberman or Albino Doberman”. Who knows the difference? Here we go

white doberman

As you and we have discussed many times, dogs are humankind’s only adorable friends. They are lovable species, and they always wanted to stay with their owner. They think their owner is the only lover that it had. Many articles on the internet prove that when dogs are with their partner, their happiness level is high and when owners are not, they sometimes die because of sadness. From todays’ article, we talk about the Doberman dog breed.


When talking about this breed, their scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris. They are called “Doberman Pinscher” as well. Usually, they are in US and Canada. This dog is originally raised around the 1890s by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. This person is a Tax collector who came from Germany. Generally, these dogs have markings on the muzzle, chest, legs/paws, above the eyes, and below the tail. This breed is known as guard dogs. Because they are born with an intelligent, alert, loyal, and strong body, they are registered as heavy, medium-size bodies with strong muscles when it comes to their appearance.

Typically males have a frightening appearance, and their size is between 27inch to 28inch (68cm – 72cm), and Females have thinner and skinny appearances, and their size is between 25inch to 27inch (63cm – 68cm). And the weight of the male dogs is reported as between 88lb to 99lb (40g – 45kg), and female weight is between 71lb to 77lb (32kg – 35kg). There is 8 sub-dog breed in Doberman. Those 8 are Blue and Rust Doberman, Red Doberman, Fawn and Rust Doberman, Pure Black Doberman, White Doberman, Blue Doberman, Fawn Doberman, and Albino Doberman. In today’s article, we hope to give knowledge about “White Doberman”.

White Doberman or Albino Doberman

From the above breed, there are two Doberman in white. Those two are White Doberman and Albino Doberman. Let’s learn about them separately.


This sub-breed was founded in 1976. First, Albino Doberman is named “Sheba,” born as a result of inbreeding. Albino Doberman also has a white coat, but those dogs are not considered white Doberman. This sub-breed has the rarest color, and they can identify from the color of their eyes. This albino animal also has colorless/pink eyes and bright blue eyes, and most albinos. As mentioned before, their coat is off-white or creamy. And the color of their nose and ears is bright pink.

When it comes to White Doberman, their coat is also white. This sub Doberman breed is called from another name, “Partial Albinos”. But, this dog’s breed is exactly the Albino dog. They also have cream-colored/white mixed blue eyes. This dog breed is registered in the AKC (American Kennel Club). Generally, these dog breed coats have a mixture of black pigment and red pigment. This thing is also a result of a different recessive gene of the dogs. As per the records of the scientists, their one gene is a muted copy of the “SLAC45A2 gene. That was the reason they became white.

Their life expectancy is registered as 10 years to 15 years. When caring about White Doberman, they have heath tips to concern. Their reduced level of pigmentation is the one and important reason for that. Following are some of the health problems that you should consider.

Albino Doberman



The eyes of the White Doberman are normally into pinkie white color. And its iris also adapt according to that. That means the bright light of the sun directly through Doberman’s retina. Because of that, as a White Doberman’s owner, you should buy “Dog-specific Tinted Goggles” for your dogs and keep their eyes healthy.


These dogs normally get sunburn because of their lack of pigment. This is also a big problem, and you should not walk with dogs when the sun is rising. If you want that badly, you should give the special dog clothes and limit the areas the sun can touch.


According to the Wet surgeons, they can infect from diseases like GDV (Gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome), Hip Dysplasia, DCM (Dilated cardiomyopathy), CAH (Chronic active hepatitis), VWD (von Willebrand’s Disease), Wobbler Syndrome (cervical vertebral instability), PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy), Hypothyroidism, and osteosarcoma (bone cancer). For this, you should channel a proper doctor and get treated by them.



According to the doctors they said there are 12 in 20 White Dobermans suffer from tumors. And according to them, every White Doberman over the age of 5 had at least one tumor. For this also you should go and meet a proper doctor and get treated.

White Doberman and Albino Doberman are not equal. Even they have the same appearance, and they are not the same. The only way that can identify the difference is in their eyes. True Albino Doberman has pink eyes, and White Doberman has blue eyes.

So don’t get mixed up and live with them happily.

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