No response is a response. Check how it will work

no response is a response

The response is one of the critical elements of communication between two parties. Person to person, animal to animal, animal to person, are some examples of response patterns. Generally, all the people tend to respond when they stimulus. Even it is formal or informal, and they do that. But sometimes, they didn’t want to respond to their partner because they have many reasons. At that time, their partner should think about “what is the reason for that.” For example, suppose you are going for an interview, and after the interview, they told if you are selected, they will call you/ send a mail. But they didn’t do one of them. They didn’t respond to you and gave an answer that you failed from the interview. It means “No response is a response.” Today’s article is based on this topic. The first check about how about formal describe “No response is a response.”

Usually, on the formal side, this “No response” happens from email. It is a central problem if someone sends an email to another person and doesn’t hear back. But the reason can be different from one issue to another. Sometimes people don’t get the email because it’s ended up in the spam folder in the email. Sometimes they will delete messages accidentally. And also, sometimes their partner is always calling, texting, and emailing. It is also one of the facts for ignoring messages. And both parties can be ended up with aggression. Another reason is sometimes people are taking lazy to read the messages and reply. So automatically sending parties think they ignore messages. After that, they will predict “No response is a response.” Following are the summary points that people think “No response is a response in-formal.

* No more follow-ups

* Too many follow-ups

* It’s just plain other party is lazy


no response is a response

Now let’s check what the means by “No response is a response” informally. This thing will happen in relationships. In a relationship, partners always love to stay close to each other. Sometimes they communicate from the phone/lap/desktop. They think that is also a way to stay close. Usually, both parties expect a response once they get the message. Sometimes they ignore that message and don’t send a reply message. Because of that other party thought something was wrong with their relationship. In that case, it doesn’t mean that a reply message is the only response they can do. Not getting a response from the partner is also a response. When someone doesn’t want to reply or send a reply message to their partner, they think they aren’t worthy of a reply. Furthermore, they didn’t want to waste their valuable seconds to reply to the other party. It is means they no longer wish to deal with his/her partner. 

And also, from this, they express that they do not trust the partner anymore. So from that day onward, they don’t feel about telling or expressing their feelings, unique things happening in their lives. Sometimes no response means they don’t want to spend their time with their person. So gradually, they wanted to lose interest in you. And also talk to another person because they think staying and talking with the partner is a waste of energy, time, and emotions. They feel like they’ve lost that valuable connection with you. So after that, they ignored you and didn’t respond to your messages again. 

You should know about the theory “No response is a response.” Whether your partner is going through a good or bad time, they select a new path to go on their own without you. In the future, their path doesn’t include you. They choose aloneness over you. That is the answer they give you from no response. 

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you will fight to know the truth of the partner’s silence. And also you do so many things to know that. But at the end of the day, you should face the truth. You should remember one thing. If a person loves you honestly, they will never give you a silent answer. He/she will never be going to leave you. They know the value of other person and their feelings. And also, know that No Response is a Response, just like everyone else who cares about your feelings.

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