Gorgeous and stunning domestic cat in the wild “Black Maine Coon Cat”

Black Maine Coon

People are like to become pet owners. For that, they have to choose one pet that they can handle. There are so many pets in the world. Some people’s pets are dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, lions, tigers, and many more. Most people love to keep their pets like a dog. Secondly, they love to become an owner of cats. As a percentage, it is 25.4%. When talking about cats, they are such adorable animals. They are domestic species. Not only that, they are small carnivores animals in the wild.

The scientific name of the cat is “Felis catus.” Their body length is average about 18 inches (46cm), and its height is 9 – 10inch (23cm -25cm). Generally, the domestic cats’ weight is between 4kg-5kg. Male cats are more significant than female cats. Cat has a strong, flexible body, sharp teeth, and sharp nails. And also, they have sharp eyes that can see at night. Their lifespan is in between 2 years to 15 years. They communicate by meowing, trilling, purring, hissing, grunting and growling. Cats can hear more than humans, and they have a high level of frequency. They are born to become hunters. There are 60 cat breeds identified in the world. Some are Persian cat, Bengal cat, British Shorthair, Siamese cat, Sphynx cat, Ragdoll, Munchkin cat, Scottish Fold, Norwegian Forest cat, Savannah cat, Siberian cat, American Shorthair, Maine Coon. From these cat breeds, we wish to talk about Maine coon. Especially about the Black Maine Coon. Let’s go.

Black Maine Coon


Maine Coon is the giant domesticated cat breed in the wild. They have a distinctive appearance, and they are good at hunting. As per North American history, this cat breed is the oldest. Basically, this breed s originated in the USA, Estate of Maine. Maine coon has a lot of names like Coon cat, Maine cat, Maine Shag, American Longhair, American Coon cat. Their adult weight is between 5.9kg -5.2kg. When talking about Black Maine Coon; they are rare animals in the world. These cats are genuine black in their entire body (In all 3 layers of their fur). They have a gorgeous majestic look. Not only that, their loyalty to their owner is very high. But this cat breed is not different than the typical cat breed.

As for more information, Black Maine Coon has a few types. It is divided based on the color combination of the coat (fur).

Black Smoke Maine Coon cat

Black Smoke Maine Coon

This cat has similar qualities to the Black Maine coon. But they don’t have pure black color fur in their body, and also they have a different color combination of grey and white mix. These cats have tabby pattering in their coat. If you see this cat, you think it is the most stunning cat in the world. Because these cats are gorgeous from their look. They also have yellow eyes like other Maine Coons. Their ears are a lighter color. They have a mixture of color in the neck and chin area of their body. The reason for the smoke effect of this cat is Eumelanin (Dark pigment that predominates in black). The undercoat of the cat has a mixture of white. The important thing is this cat is pretty standard in Maine Coon Breed.

Solid Black Maine Coon Cat

Solid Black Maine Coon

As per the researchers, Solid Black Maine Coon Cat has rare coat color. The color of their fur is rich black color. This color can be seen in its entire body, like tail, ears, face. All these cats also have yellow eyes. But as for the information from the owners, it can be brown as well. Usually, their noses are black. The undercoat color of this type is entirely black. They have no multicolor fur in its body. They are more likely to pick Black Maine coon.

If anyone wants to buy a Black Maine Coon here is some information about the prices.

AgeGender Color Price ($)
Black Smoke$1700-$2500
Black Smoke$1100-$1500
AgeGender Color Price ($)
Black Smoke$1100-$1700
Black Smoke$1000-$1300

Black Maine Coons require adequate nutrition, grooming, medical care, attention, and exercise. Please consider these things and be a good owner for the black Maine Coon Cat.

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