Can turtles breathe underwater? Let’s check whether they can or not

Can turtles breathe underwater

Sea is a beautiful this in the world. Most of the parts of the world are filled with the water of the sea. Most of the people in the world are like to stay near the sea. Some of them are want to spend their weekend at the seaside. This thing is all because of their beautiful things. In other words, the sea is a home for millions of living creatures, such as Fish, Sharks, Whales, dolphins, Turtles, Octopus, Sea Turtles, Mammals, True Crabs, Starfish, Seals, Orca and Clams. When searching these sea animals, most of the animals’ lovers found the name “Turtles”.

When talking about turtles, they are reptiles. And the scientific name of the turtle is Testudines. Turtle has a shell that developed mainly from their ribs. They have two leading groups, and those are Hidden neck turtles and Side necked turtles. And also, they have 2 sub-groups like Cryptodira and Pleurodira. Genetically prove that these animals have close relation with birds and crocodilians. Turtles like to be in the ocean. They do some of the activities in the sea as well as the land. But, does anyone know how turtles breathe? Can turtles breathe underwater? That is the question. From today’s article, we can check about that. Here we go.

Mainly turtles are aquatic animals. They usually live in oceans, seas, rivers, and ponds and basically in the water. When answering the question “Can turtles breathe under water?”; the answer is “No”. They cannot breathe underwater. Even though they can stay for an extended period underwater, let us check why turtles can’t breathe underwater.

Many of the turtles in the world spend their lives under the water even though they can still get oxygen. As mentioned before, the turtle is a reptile. Typically reptiles’ body temperature is determined by their surroundings. Their metabolism allows them to maintain their body temperature steady. This process is called Endotherms. But these animals are land creatures. They need to breathe to live. If turtles want to breathe, they should come to the surface of the water and breathe. But on the other side, some fresh-water turtles can absorb oxygen from the water to their body. It’s getting from the internal walls of their cloaca or anus. They do this only during their period of hibernation.

Can turtles breathe underwater

As mentioned above, turtles need to come up to the surface of the water and inhale the air. After that, they can hold their breath for a long time under the water. This fact gives a wrong idea and gives a wrong answer to the question; “Can turtles breathe under water?”

When talking about the hours that turtles can stay underwater, it depends on the level of activities they do in the water. Generally, they can last for 4 – 7 hours. While they are holding their breath, their rate of the heart become slow. As per the scientist, they conserve O2 (Oxygen) up to 9 minutes passed between heartbeats.

The very important point is they can absorb a tiny amount of oxygen without breathing. It helps turtles to stay more extended period under the water. This underwater period depends on the temperature and species of the turtles. As mentioned before, turtles get O2 from the cloaca. It is an opening in its back end where the rectum and urinary systems are empty. They expand and contract muscles and forces water out and in from the cloaca.

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If you have a pet turtle in your home, the following are a few steps when it is downed in water, and it can become a good owner.

Can turtles breathe underwater
  1. Take your turtle out of the water, and hold it vertically. It is meant to keep its head is pointed down.
  2. Grab the turtle’s head very gently and pull its neck out until it is extended. From this, this water will probably leak out of its mouth.
  3. After that, put the turtle on a stable, dry surface upright but not on its back.
  4. Grab the front legs of the turtle, and pull them gently until they are fully extended,
  5. Then push them in again, and watch as water will probably drip out of its mouth.
  6. Do the same thing with the hind legs as well.
  7. If your turtle is showing any signs of life, take it to the vet as soon as possible.
  8. If your turtle is still lifeless, try one more thing.
  9. Gently place the turtle in your palm and gently grab its head, then swing your arm from side to side so that that turtle might throw out any remaining water from inside its body. Be careful when you do this.
  10. At this point, no matter what, I need to take it to the vet.

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