“Does he miss me” Here are 15 signs to check?

A woman in grief

“Does he miss me?”

That is the question that every breakup girls have in their mind. Even they went through a traumatic and horrible breakup, every single day, they suffer from this question. Some girls practice the No contact rule as we mentioned in the…(no contact article)…..article. But on the other hand, some girls tend to think about them and suffer a lot. Even they don’t want to hear from the guy that broke her heart, but then again, he wants him and think about the question, “Does he miss me?”. After that, she started to stalk that guy from social media. It leads to down her self-esteem. And after that, she begins to question herself about her worth. Every time she stalking about that boy, she sees him living his life happily with new girls on social media. Not only that, every time that phone rings or she hear a text message, she always thinks it will be it’s from him. That will suffer her a lot. Because that guy rejects her feeling, she loses her ego and mojo.

Even though she wanted to know about her ex going to miss her, here are 15 signs to check. If ex shows these behaviors, it may help determine how his ex feels about the girl he loved before. Not only, from that, but they can also understand whether he will come back or not.

Does he miss me
  1. He isn’t dating anyone else.
  2. He is still a solo person
  3. He keeps asking the girl’s friends about her
  4. He still talks about the girl who loved
  5. He keeps on to her kinds of stuff
  6. He still follows on her social media accounts
  7. He held her on his profile picture on FB
  8. He has not changed his FB and Instagram status
  9. He shares a couple of photos that he takes with her on Social Media
  10. He keeps calling her at midnight
  11. His friends seek about the girl
  12. He acts jealous of her
  13. He was asking for pictures
  14. He keeps saying sorry
  15. He always talks about you

He doesn’t show the above signs; she should keep going. Even that time also wants to seek validation from someone who can validate himself, ending with nothing. If someone’s ex misses their partner, no one will search for the article or blog like “Does he miss me?”. No one can influence by being with them, or no one can force them to behave as they want. Just think about the following thing.

“A small girl like to pet a dog as well as a cat. Because of that she told her parents that her want a pet. One day her parents discuss about that and went to the animal shelter and ask pets from the owner. Owner give them a baby kitten to them and parents buy that kitten and give it to the girl. She was very happy about that and she expecting to hear bark from the kitten. But kitten is keep meowing.”

Likewise, think of your ex as a cat. The cat is meowing. It can’t bark even someone wants them to bark because that is their behavior. Think wisely and be more realistic.

A woman with her face covered by a hand

Sometimes every couple needs a breakup with their relationship. But it should not mean the end of the relationship. They can start new and go on their life as newly couple. From that, they can understand each other. But if he didn’t want to come back from the relationship, don’t regret you. So if anyone thinks about the question “Does he miss me?” Stop wasting time on that and carry on your path. Start to love yourself. Start to care about yourself.


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