Here are the 12 Eagle Jokes that take your stress away

eagle jokes
Eagle is a big bird in the wild, and they are more potent than other birds. Not only that, they are majestic, noble and also magnificent. Even they are better at all, people made funny jokes called “Eagle Jokes”. Today’s article focused on giving funny jokes and making your mind feel and free for the movement.

Eagle Jokes – Number 01

Question : What is the reason for an eagle to greet its prey?

Answer : They pleased to eat.

Eagle Jokes – Number 02

Question : What is the reason an eagle needs to wear a wig?

Answer : Because that is a bald eagle.

Eagle Jokes – Number 03

Question : Do you know the name of the bird that is sick and it is breaking the law?

Answer : The name of the bird is “Ill-eagle”.

Eagle Jokes -Number 04

Question : What is the reason birds never wanted a comb?

Answer : Because they are bald eagles.

Eagle Jokes -Number 05

Question : What is the reason an eagle have so many skills?

Answer : Because they are Talon-Ted.

Eagle Jokes -Number 06

Question : What did the bride say when she mistook the eagle for the hawk?

Answer : She said, “Oh! This is HAWKward”.

Eagle Jokes -Number 07

Question : Do you know about the eagle’s most favourite breed of dog?

Answer : Yes. The name of the dog breed is “Beagle”.

Eagle Jokes -Number 08

Question : Do you know what happens when breeding eels with eagles?

Answer : You will get a handcuff because it’s EEL – eagle.

Eagle Jokes -Number 09

One day one of eel falling love with an eagle from one side. Because of that, Eel wanted to propose to that eagle. So Eel go near to the eagle and ask,

“Even we look different, my eye catches you, and I think I am in love with you. So will you marry me?”

Eagle confused and said, “You can be good. But I am so sorry. I can’t marry you.”

“Why darling, why not?” asked the Eel.

Finally, the eagle replies with “I do not reject you for any other reason. But I can’t go to the police. Because our marriage can be Eel-eagle.”

Eagle Jokes -Number 10

Question : In myth, there is a creature born, and his mother is a lion, and his father was an eagle. Do you know how he got into Hogwart’s School?

Answer : Called “The Gryffindor”.

Eagle Jokes -Number 11

Question : Do you know what the favourite game of an eagle is?

Answer : The name of the game is “Beakaboo”.

Eagle Jokes -Number 12

Question : All the eagles in the wild said that they don’t like fast food. Do you know the reason for that?

Answer : The reason is they can’t catch fast food because it is fast.


eagle jokes

Here are the 12 Eagle Jokes that take your stress away.

Stay healthy.

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