Here are 4 remarkable “Bedtime stories for girlfriend” that every boyfriend can use for their girlfriend

bedtime stories for girlfriend

“Bedtime stories” are stories that are different from village to village and country to country, tradition to tradition, and culture to culture. It is the method of storytelling, where a story to a person who person at bedtime to prepare that person for sleep. Storytelling means that the social and cultural activity of sharing stories. Usually, bedtime stories are for children who cannot sleep at night. It is helpful to improve the brain development, logical thinking skills of the children. It will create a strong relationship and emotional bond between the parents and the child. Likewise, now the day’s young generation is also used to tell stories as well. Most of them are lovers. Always boyfriend is the one who tells those kinds of stories to girlfriend those who can’t sleep at night or have difficulty sleeping. It’s also a very romantic way to express their love to their partner. As mentioned before, bedtime stories can make the relationship strong. This article will help you calm down your girlfriend by telling the following Special “Bedtime stories for girlfriend.” Let’s know about what are the best “Bedtime stories for girlfriend.”

All the boyfriends are not always with their girlfriends. Sometimes they are going on a business trip, some are studying abroad, and some are with their parents. Bedtime stories are the most suitable and romantic way to keep their girlfriend calm down. Bedtime stories are the perfect thing to build a place in a girlfriend’s dream. Here we are helping to choose “Bedtime stories for girlfriend,” which will help you recreate your love life more romantic.

Here are 04 “Bedtime stories for girlfriend.”

01. “Bedtime stories for girlfriend” – The portrait of LOVE and DEVOTION

Lovers looking at a bed book

Charlotte Von Slevin was a 19-year-old girl from a Swedish Royal family. In 1975 she traveled to India to get a portrait made by a talented artist called Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia. He was a born artist for the painting, but he was raised in a low-income family of the lowest caste in India. Even this painter live as a poor one, he gained an exceptional reputation for being a talented artist in India. The reputation of the Pradyumna was the reason Charlotte come to India. She gives a proper explanation of what she wants, and as time passed portrait was finished. But their relationship becomes more complicated. Because of that, they fall in love. For Pradyumna, she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and he gives her best as a painter to her portrait. After their feeling, Charlotte decided to live a couple of days in India. But when she was with him, days become weeks, and weeks become months. Charlotte hadn’t agreed to her original place because she had deeply fallen in love with Pradyumna. And they married according to the traditional wedding rituals in India.

Unfortunately, Charlotte had to leave India because she had to complete her higher studies in London. Even they are newlyweds and separated for thousands of miles, their feelings for each other never changed. Because of studies, Pradyumna refused to for the ticket sent by his wife in London. They communicate with letters and from that he told his wife to he wanted to over his higher studies and he will come to her place. After finishing his studies, Pradyumna sold all his properties to find the money for the flight ticket. But he cannot make it possible because the money he collected from his properties didn’t even come close to the flight ticket for London. But he could afford a cheap and used bicycle. Pradyumna didn’t give up on his goal, and he brought that bicycle. He packed all his paintings and brushes to get financial support for his endeavor. And also, Pradyumna started his journey from India to the Western world with the cheap bicycle he bought. For that, he spent 4 months, and he passed 8 counties. Finally, he reached Charlotte’s hometown in Sweden. After he saw her again and that husband and wife live longer, they never left each other in their lifetime.

02. “Bedtime stories for girlfriend” – A Dozen Flowers

Boyfriend giving roses

One day a husband bought 12 roses for his wife. His wife was very shocked because usually, her husband didn’t do those kinds of things. When she checked those 12 flowers, one more unusual thing was also there. That 11 roses were fresh flowers, and one was an artificial flower. Because of that, she became curious about this strange mixed up with the rose flower bunch. She tried so hard to understand the reason, but she couldn’t figure out the purpose. In the end, she decided to ask from his husband for a reason. He smiled and told her, “I will love you until this artificial flower dies!”. After the answer, she was muted, and she hugged him tightly. That was the most valuable gift she had from her husband, and they live happily.

03. “Bedtime stories for girlfriend” – Future Mom

Lovers in bed

One day a boyfriend and his girlfriend sleep in the bed. In the morning boyfriend was got up before the girlfriend. And he took a photograph of his girlfriend when she has woken up. After that incident, she said that she looked so horrible in that movement; she said she has no makeup, hairstyles on, and she did not take any photographs of her. But the boyfriend smiled and said;

“I want to show my lovely kids that their gorgeous mother is beautiful even without makeup and combed hair. And also she is the perfect woman, and also she is the perfect woman on Earth.”

04. “Bedtime stories for girlfriend” – The best list

Bedtime stories for girlfriend

One day a couple was sitting on the bench of the park. And the girl asked from his boyfriend;

“Baby, what is the reason behind your love and affection for me?”

And he replied with a confused face. And he ignores that question at first because it’s not a specific question. But his girlfriend never gave up and asked that question again and again. He couldn’t tolerate her question and behavior. After that, he asked her to give him a notebook/paper and a pen, and he started to write something on that. Later he gave handed over that paper to his girlfriend. Finally, he smiles and replied;

“I have mentioned 100 reasons in this paper that force me to love you, and now you have to mention just 1 reason why I should not love you!”

Those are the most memorable “Bedtime stories for girlfriend,” and if you can’t handle your girlfriend in the night, you can feel free to pick one story from this article.

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