6 first love quotes for those who never forgot their first love.

first love quotes


Every man experienced the feeling of the first love in the world. Most people break up with
their first love, and only a few people have their first love and live with them. But anyone
cannot forgets their first love of life because first love is the one who gave the lovable
experience to their boring life. First love quotes are like boosters to the love life because
these quotes can upgrade their love.


Here are six first love quotes for those who never forgot their first love.

“Your first love is always your favourite, and it’s always something special.”

– Peter Larson –

As mentioned before, Peter Larson (American palaeontologist) also said that first love is
always becoming someone’s favourite whatever memory they had from their first love—as
per this first love always brought fresh experience and its everlasting. And also, it’s always


“Like an old photograph, time can make feeling fade, but the memory of a first
love never fades away.”

– Tim MacGraw –

American singer Tim MacGraw mentioned the memory of the first love in his first love
quote. From this, he expresses that any feeling can fade or vanish from their heart, but
memories of the first love can’t disappear even they die.


“Men are lucky if they are the first love of a woman. Women are lucky if they
are the last love of a man.”

– Charles Dickens –

According to Charles Dickens, an English writer and social critic, express first love
differently. They took gender and describe it. As per him, women think her lover should be
the last love of her life. On the other hand, men think their partner should be their first love,
and if it happens, they thought he is the lucky one.


“As with any other strong drug and true first love is only interest those who
have become prisoners of the first love. And, it is true of any other solid and
addicting drug, true first love is dangerous.”

– Stephen Edwin King –

American author; Stephen Edwin King is the one who brought this first love quote. From this
quote, the author illustrates that how true first love behaves with the lovers. Moreover,
novelist explicit it is like a strong drug and from that anyone can addict. So that is the reason
he mentioned that true first love is dangerous than other feelings.


“Something about first love defies duplication. Before it, your heart is blank and
unwritten. After that, the walls are left inscribed, graffitied, and when it’s over,
they have sketched images. But sooner or later, they find that there’s space for
someone else, between the words and in the margins.”

Tammara Webberm

Tammara Webberm is an American bestseller novelist of New York Times, USA Today and
Amazon. As per this novelist, first love is something that can change the entire life of a man.
It’s mean that before someone falls in love, it is like blank paper. It’s clean, clear and nothing
on it. But after that, it will become a unique place to live and stay.


“Anyone remembers their first love because they show them, prove them, that
they can love and be loved, and it proves that nothing in this world deserved
except for love, that love is both how they become a person and why.”

– John Green –

According to the American author and YouTube content creator; John Michael Green, he
clarified why anyone couldn’t forget their first love. From his first love quote, he wanted to
give some great advice to society. That thing is, anyone can love anyone, and everyone is
lucky how they get love from their partner.


Those are the first love quotes, and I hope you enjoy them. And last, remember this “Every
relationship with your first love doesn’t have a happy ending, but at least they give you
memorable things and experience. So live with those and stay happy without thinking bad

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